Bespoke Doors By Glazing House

Our Bespoke Products are limited to your imagination. With years of experience in manufacturing and installing high-quality doors provides you with confidence in our standards of workmanship and aftercare.
Glazing House is set to bring the highest of standards within the market. We take pride in what we do and put in the maximum on every supply or installation.

Benefits of Glazing House Doors


Reduce heat loss

All our doors come in standard as double glazed. With two 4mm glass panes separated by a 16mm chamber provide maximum energy efficiency. Furthermore, the highest quality of materials and latest technology used allows you to save money on your heating bills by reducing heat loss.


Safety and Security

Feel safe and secure at your home with Glazing House doors. Our doors are made from the most durable materials designed to withstand forced entry, with multiple lock combinations of your choice to make you safer then never before.


Peace and Quite

Reduce noise pollution with Glazing House doors. Our thick and durable materials maximise sound protection offering people living near busy roads peace and quite. Keeping street noise away from home, where it belongs.