Timber as a natural material meets all the technical criteria and is extremely popular among the Customers. Due to proper maintenance of timber products you can enjoy them for decades. Timber windows provide warmth and silence, while timber doors mean durability and endurance, and a guarantee of safety.

Our timber windows and doors are patterned and modern. Such windows are a decoration and a distinction to every building. Doors, internal timber doors in particular, are an important element because they are a trademark to your room, apartment or office. They may also emphasize individual tastes of the owner. Selected properly, they give a good and welcoming first impression.

Timber windows provide good insulation, which means that they do not transmit heat from the inside out. Such windows are, therefore, a good investment as they save you money on the cost of heating, a large proportion of house maintenance expenses. Sound reduction is also extremely important. A quiet room is a comfortable room.

We put our heart and soul into every project. We offer an exceptional collection of windows and doors, both classical and modern. A wide colour chart meets the requirements of the most demanding Customers. All coatings are environmentally friendly. Our creativity has no limits. We are committed to fulfilling every order by adjusting our design and construction to the individual tastes and needs.

Windows and doors manufactured by Glazing House are made from various types of high quality timber. From the very beginning our Customer has direct influence on the parameters of the product ordered ? dimensions, shapes, types of timber, colours, finishing and function. Our salesmen and technical advisors are always willing to help you in making a decision by providing information and offering specific solutions.

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