This is a system of balcony and patio lift and slide doors. Such sliding doors give a unique impression of an open and greater space because they allow for glazing a wall of up to 19 metres. This gives you an opportunity to arrange your apartment without any restrictions. Big glazed surfaces fill your interior space with light. They are extremely functional and easy to use. Due to a low threshold we may move about more freely, which is important in case of young children, elderly and disabled people. Big window sashes and their weight are not a problem. Operation in very simple and requires little physical strength. By turning the knob 180 degrees, we lift the sash and move it to a selected position using a rail. Modern form and functionality make the Sliding Doors so exceptional.

✓ Pine
✓ Meranti
✓ Oak

✓ Sash: 68/115 mm thick
✓ Frame: 170 mm thick
✓ Low aluminium threshold ( 5mm above the floor)

Opening: sliding doors

Glazing: Standard: thermofloat Ug= 1,1 W/m2K
✓ Anti–burglary glass
✓ Anti-reflective glass
✓ Acoustic glass
✓ Self-cleaning glass
✓ Triple glazed

Ironmongery: by a renowned GU company

✓ azure keeps evident structure of the wood
✓ obscure in complete RAL colour chart
✓ 4-layer paint system of ecological paints by the Finnish company Teknos or the Dutch company Sikkens
✓ Carpentry single or dual colour

Gaskets: by Hoppe