Wooden doors in yellow colors. Installation in London

Wooden doors in yellow colors. Assembling in London

This is a thermally broken system for metal doors that open both inward and outwards. The infill panels can be provided in various thickness to vary the different levels of thermal insulation. Separation between external and internal cladding to the door leaf results in a reduction of thermal transmission and also stops door deformation due to the great changes of inside and outside temperatures. Furthermore, the weather strips to the door openings are supported within the aluminium fixed and opening frame rather than being bonded to the door cladding resulting in higher durability in heavier traffic areas.

New style spacious wooden doors in a home in London

New style spacious wooden doors in a home in London

Technical Details

Profile Depth: frame 72/82mm, leaf 72/82mm
Panel: 26-82mm

Air Permeability (EN 12207): Class 2-4

Water Tightness (EN 12208): E750A

Wind Resistance (EN 12211): C2-C4, B2-B4

Operation Force (EN 13115, EN12046-1): Class 1

Wrong Use (EN 13115): Class 4

Burglary Proof (NEN 5096/A1, ENV 1627): Class 2

Thermal Resistance (EN 10077): Uf ≥ 1,36 W/m2K

Door 1100×2350

Ud ≥ 0,75 W/m2K