About Us


We are committed to offer doors and windows that meet the highest quality standards, as well as individual needs of our Customers. We pay special attention to control every stage of production.



We only manufacture our windows and doors with the best quality materials available.


Our windows are manufactured beyond every expectation, exceeding all government standards and regulations.


We offer very competitive prices our windows and doors in the market which are hard to beat, especially considering the great quality we offer.


Our windows and doors are delivered within 4 to 8 weeks from the moment the order is placed and can be delivered anywhere within the European Union.

We have always believed in doings things the right way and our customers are more than just a name or number on the screen. Perfection is key which is why we care about every little detail and go to the extra mile. Our service is personal, we want to know and understand our customers to ensure and maintain the standards required by them.

Glazing House meets all your requirements:

  • Great customer service which is improving day after day
  • Our research allows us to constantly improve our products(doors and windows) with new technologies
  • Completion of orders in a timely manner
  • All our employees go over excessive training
  • Modern and professional management
  • Leaders of the windows and doors market
  • A wide range of customisation options are available for all our windows and doors

How we do it?

Our work is based on the requirements of the European ISO quality certification, thus we meet and exceed the most demanding requirements of the European Union.

All the raw materials have necessary certificates. This means that we provide you with the best quality bespoke windows and doors.

We are a modern company using high-tech solutions in the production of our doors and windows. We work on technological lines equipped with the best machines and devices of the most renowned companies.

We use only the best environmentally-friendly raw materials. Thus we may offer you products and services (assembly) of the best quality.

Production possibilities of our technological park, as well as the knowledge and experience of our experts help us manufacture any doors or windows you may possibly want.

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